The Brawl Stars is a shooter game which is played online. It is a 3v3 game, and in some modes, 10 players can also play. Players all over the world play this game. Here in this game after you win one level the other level will be unlocked, and you can play other modes and will be able to upgrade the characters, and you can also play as new characters. If you want to defeat El Primo, you will need a brawler who is in a higher range than the EL Primo. So here is a quick guide on how to counter El Primo.

El Primo

El Primo is very tanky, and the special which it has that can be used for doing massive damage. It can also escape when it is low on hp and hence running away from El Primo is a tough job.

But when the special of El Primo is not activated this guide will help you to defeat it.

Guide on El Primo

1.      Movement choice: You can use the tap for moving the character, but it is not mandatory as you can also use a joystick. If you want a joystick, you can go to the settings and change it. Your movements should be very good as it will help you to maintain a good distance from the El Primo. As losing speed can make you lose the game.

2.      Stay away from the range of El Primo: If you are near the range of El Primo then it will be quite hard for you to escape but if you are at a distance from the El Primo then try to stay near to your teammates so that you can either play together and defeat El Primo or you can give your teammates some of your crystals. But if you have a good health advantage and also in the range of El Primo then you can use it to defeat the El Primo.

3.      When you are outside the range of El Primo: If your starting position is already outside the range of the El Primo then try to keep a distance from it and snipe El Primo from there. And only try to turn near the rocks as El Primo cannot overcome the distance by using the diagonal shortcut.

4.      Continue the previous step: Until the El Primo is targeting or giving up trying to stay out of the range and then attack him to defeat him or you can also use this opportunity to run away and then gain the advantage of the “surprise location.”  

You will only be able to defeat El Primo if it does not have any backup. If you find that the El Primo is near to gaining its specials, then try not to get close to his range and run to your teammates to stop him from gaining the special. If you want to win you can also try many Brawl Stars cheats 2020 and Brawl Stars hacks 2020 to win this game easily.