Township is the great city building game for the Android and IOS users. It is unique and different from every type of games. Playrix studio is popular for their best games and Township is also gaining the popularity. It is a free game, but you have the option to spend real money to use the items. It requires 4.0.3 android version to download it. Playrix Games Company provides you with the best graphics to increase the interest to play the game.

The game is hard to play for the beginners, so if you are playing it for the first time, then you should take help from tutorials and guide. You can get the knowledge of controls through the help of a guide. On the other hand, you can’t play the missions and quests in this; because of it, you will face more difficult to collect the coins in the game.


If you want to earn coins in the game, then you have to complete many of orders.  You should try to complete the work at the time to get a bonus.  But if you get the big order, then you should take your time and give the quality work to your customers. Always try to bring your helicopter ready to make a fast delivery; it is the best way to transport your order at low cost. However, the helicopter takes a long time to deliver the order. Try to read your next order on that spare time.

Real money

The helicopter completes the orders of the customers from the town, but sometimes people will reject your orders and waste the money. In these situations, a player needs money to unlock the area to do farming. Then they should use the real money to buy the coins for playing the game easily also you can by getting Township Hack for free.

You can also play the game with your friends by joining the account of Township with facebook. Another player helps you in many ways in the game. You can visit their account to collect the gifts to earn the coins. You can request the material of your wall.

Construction materials

Always try to collect all those material which you need most to run the game perfectly. It helps you to increase the framing area easily.