Do you love to play battle games? Well, the majority of people love to play battle games and these games are also more in the craze. Dragon Ball Legends is a famous game that is developed by a well-known game developer. This game is a great mixture of the different types of characters, currencies and lots of other gameplay elements. In the further article, players can read out the different aspects of the game which also helps them to understand the gameplay. They also have an option to complete the tutorials that will help them to get an idea about the gameplay and the initial stages of the game. with the help of this, they can perform better in the real matches and also train their characters to make their game more interesting.

Create a team

The beginners should understand the various facts about the game to play it in a simple manner. There are various kinds of things that they should make in their mind but remembering each and everything is not important. The first task is to create a team by choosing the best characters present in the game. They should try to add the fighters with different kinds of attacks to make their team stronger. Creating a team is not only important, there are many other challenges that they should complete in order to get progress and also to compete in the game for a long time.


If you are playing this game by selecting the best characters then the thing that you should know that the game is not limited to it. There are many other kinds of things that they should do is to make the characters or their team stronger. When it comes to making a team stronger then the name that comes to the mind is training. Well, training is the most effective method that you can use to level up and also to boost the performance of your characters.  If you have some unused characters in your team then you can also use them in order to feed your strong characters and this can help you to get bonus experience. The most important thing about training is that it is not free of cost. For Dragon Ball Legends Hack, you have to spend the in-game currencies that are hard to earn.

Other tips

The thing which most of the players doesn’t know is that they can only train their characters to a max level.  If their characters reach their max level then it is not possible to train them. There are some tips that players should follow to make their game easier. They should always try to train the characters first that has a low max level. With the help of this, they can easily complete different tasks of the game. The player can also awaken the characters to make them stronger and also enable them to battle with enemies in an effective manner.